If you obtain a decent job, you probably have a good life/health insurance policy. But is it enough coverage? Perhaps you’re getting ready to welcome your first child. Your work policy will only cover so much and for so long. Read on to investigate some reasons you may want to obtain another policy outside of your workplace. You may want to start looking for more affordable insurance.


Your Work Insurance Isn’t Enough

You may keep your work insurance policy, but adding a third party policy while you’re healthy will help to cover all bases. A private policy outside of the workplace will ensure you that all of the gaps are filled for you and your family.

You Develop a Health Condition

Many Americans develop a health condition while they are employed and aren’t aware of the repercussion it has on purchasing a third party life insurance policy. It’s imperative and cost effective to seek insurance while you are still healthy. Should you fall ill or develop a condition while employed, you could run out of options for finding a private insurance policy. Be aware that certain health conditions can make it difficult to get life insurance and, even if you find it, the policy can be costly.

You Quit/Lose Your Job

The U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics calculates the average jobs stay at 4.6 years. Whether you plan to stay at your current job or not, employers are also capable of cutting payroll costs by letting go certain employee statuses. If you lose your job and you’re in the unemployment waiting line, you could experience a halt in your insurance depending on the length of time of unemployment.

Seeking the Right Insurance

While it’s normal to accept the benefits that your work has to offer, it’s ideal to seek additional benefits outside of the workplace. It’s possible to find affordable insurance and get coverage that works alongside your current work benefits. So how do you know which level of coverage is right for you and your circumstances? Since most work insurance policies only offer the basics, you will need to find where to fill in the gaps. This is where a reputable insurance agent comes in to help you determine where you need it the most. They’ll fill in the gaps, adjust your rates, and offer helpful guidance so you’re not at a loss should your job come to an end.

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