Boating can be leisurely enjoyment for some people, whether they take the boat out to go fishing or dock it for entertainment purposes. It’s a hobby, like many, that comes with the responsibility of maintaining its value, following legal obligations, and maintaining your safety as well as the safety of those around you. Even if you’re solely using your boat for entertainment purposes while docked, there are still regulations you must follow. Much like your vehicle, your boat is a water taxi used for transportation purposes as well, and it needs certain kinds of insurance. When you’re ready to buy a boat for your Florida property, get in touch with a boat insurance Palm City Florida insurance provider first.

What is Boat Insurance?

Boat insurance provides protection for you and the boat, as well as your passengers and those outside of the craft. It can vary from state to state, as well as by the type of boat you have, how often you sail, and the traffic you sail through. There are basic kinds of boat insurance that cover what is specific to your lifestyle and state, but they will most likely include: liability, physical damage, boat property coverage, medical payment coverage, and coverage for uninsured water crafts. Additional types of protection can be added, and they include: towing coverage, special equipment (such as deep sea diving gear), boat trailer, and boat accessories (such as radar or geo-location instruments). All of these factors will determine what you need for your boat insurance Palm City Florida property. Some homeowners insurance policies may offer additional amenities, but that doesn’t mean you’ll get the coverage you need for your watercraft.

Why You Need Boat Insurance Today

Health insurance and vehicle insurance are must-haves. It’s actually illegal to drive without some form of car insurance! So, when it comes to your water vehicle, much like your car, you will absolutely need insurance for safety, damage, and other mishaps. Whether you sail for leisure, entertainment or for a career, your watercraft is a means of transportation. Therefore, you need boat insurance no matter how many times per year you sail. Some boat owners occupy two residences year-round and would justify canceling the boat insurance when they aren’t sailing for that particular time period. They stop and start the insurance to save money, justifying that the boat is not in use. This is a valid reason; however, it may not be the wisest choice because accidents happen even when you’re not around. Suppose someone gets injured on your property. Or a storm sweeps through, hitting your watercraft as well as others that are docked. Obtaining year-round insurance may not even be a choice in some states. This is because the weather is unpredictable. Accidents can happen anywhere and at any time, and the risk is too great. Sailors may be required to have insurance year-round. In addition, stopping and starting your boat insurance Palm City Florida policy will most likely cost you more every time.

Your boat insurance covers all bases, even for those who sail without insurance. Some sailors don’t always carry insurance policies for their boat. So if an accident happens, and you happen to be involved, you’ll be covered.

Think of your boat as another vehicle in your driveway (but in this case, your waterway). Much like the concrete road, a vast body of water can also be used for transportation. You wouldn’t drive your car without insurance, because you know that accidents happen to the best of us. So, get the coverage you need for your lifestyle, budget, and boat, year-round. Our helpful team at Triple L Insurance will offer the best quote for your watercraft. Contact us today!