Distracted driving is more than just picking up your cell phone. Distracted driving can be anything that takes your attention away from safely getting from one destination to another. Distracted driving can be done on a bicycle, RV, boat, and even riding a skateboard. In 2019, in the United States alone, distracted driving killed over 31,000 people. Not only does it hurt the driver and victim, but also the surrounding friends and family that have to mourn the loss or accrue financial obligation thereafter. Let’s take a look a little more in depth on what distracted driving really is and how you can prevent it today.

Distracted Driving

You’ve seen sign after sign and commercials of the devastation that distracted driving can bring. But this comes in many forms and can happen to anyone, victim and other. A driving distraction can be enhanced by alcohol or substances. You’ve only had one drink and you assume that you’re fine to drive. Distraction is easily achieved in this state but because your mind is even the slightest bit altered, you hear a song, or get a phone call, or see something while driving. Perhaps it’s not as drastic as this scenario but you’re a busy student or employee and you’re constantly on the go, checking emails, phone calls, etc. Whether tablet, iPhone, or even hardcover book is with you in the car, once you pick them up, you’re distracted from what’s happening in your current view.

Distracted driving can be simply paying attention to what’s on either side of you in your view. It can happen in an instant! One minute you’re focused on the road, and the next minute something on the sidelines has caught your eye. Happens to the best of us! But it is considered distracted driving nonetheless.

Perhaps you added additional vehicle coverage to your homeowners insurance quote Port St. Lucie and assume you have extra coverage for any sort of accident. This kind of thinking should never replace common sense while driving. You, the driver, must apply good judgment at all costs.

And distracted driving doesn’t just happen in a motorized vehicle on pavement. It can also happen on the waterways as well. If you own a boat, and you use it for leisurely purposes, the same kind of driving rules should apply. It is easy to entertain friends and host small yacht gatherings. In 2018 distracted boat operators were involved in 633 fatalities in boating accidents. You see, distracted driving affects every element of a motorized vehicle.

Distracted Driving Prevention

The tragedy and loss that distracted driving brings can be prevented. There is hope for this growing problem. With one step at a time, and these helpful tips implemented, you can remember the importance of focused driving.

  • Only use your cell phone, tablet, or other means of communication in emergency situations.
  • Avoid driving and eating.
  • Multitasking should not take place in the car.
  • Activities and passengers should be limited while in a car. Teens and young adults enjoy the merriment of driving around with their friends. But it’s strongly encouraged to have only a few friends in the vehicle with you to avoid distraction.
  • Do not drive when you’re drowsy. Get enough sleep so you can perform at your best.

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