When you think of an insurance plan, you tend to think of the basics, such as car and health insurance. But, there are many types of insurance these days, and for many reasons. Insurance is the safety net that is promised by an employer or company if belongings get stolen, a person becomes injured, or property is lost or damaged. Insurance is an excellent start to the protection of your home and family; especially the things that have meaning.

Insurance – The Many Faces

There are three major types of insurance that you may need at some point. There are also different branches under the umbrella of insurance that you could use as add-ons. Your insurance agency Port St. Lucie will most likely have one or all of these add-ons to customize your insurance policy.

  • Auto Insurance – This type of insurance takes care of basic accident claims for you and the other individual involved. This plan should include the necessary money to help pay medical expenses and vehicle damage, whether it’s just for you or the other person involved.
  • Boat Insurance – Your boat insurance can offset the risks of misfortune when operating a boat on the water. It is especially good to have in areas where storms are frequent. Again, this should cover you and your boat, but also protect others involved.
  • Homeowners Insurance – Much like rental property insurance, homeowners insurance protects you from natural disasters, theft, fire, smoke and even vandalism.
  • Jewelry Insurance – Yes, you can even get insurance for your jewelry! This type of insurance covers your jewelry that is damaged, stolen, or lost. This can be added on to home insurance policies, too.
  • Umbrella Insurance – Umbrella insurance is additional liability coverage. It’s that layer of extra protection against the “what ifs” of life. This is especially good for those with teenagers who are learning to drive for the first time. Perhaps you’re concerned about someone being injured on your property, or an accident happens in a busy intersection. All of the “what ifs” are filed under the umbrella category and can be customized with your insurance agency Port St. Lucie.

Rental/Property Insurance

This type of policy covers damage to rental or residential properties, such as fire, natural disasters, burglary, and other entities known to your geographical area that your insurance agency Port St. Lucie would recommend.

Life Insurance

Life insurance covers all financial safety should a person succumb to illness, death, or other natural causes. This insurance can be provided by an employer or purchased on your own. Typically, the beneficiaries would be family, such as a spouse or children. Your insurance agency will have fixed plans, but each can be modified to the family and situation.

Health Insurance

All medical expenses are covered by your choice of health insurance plan. This will usually cover doctor visits and surgeries, and can be obtained through your employer or on your own. You can choose to pay out of pocket and be reimbursed later by the company, or the company makes direct payments to the healthcare providers.

The Plan You Choose

With these three main insurance policies in mind, you can add or detract as you and your local insurance agency see fit. The plan you choose is like choosing the right pair of pants – it must fit perfectly or it’ll just be an inconvenience. The good thing about choosing your plan now is that it can always be altered or added to later on.

There’s no better time to get your life and possessions in order than now. At Triple L Insurance, our expert staff is waiting to offer the most efficient plan for your life. Give us a call or start a quote today!