You get car insurance, life insurance, and health insurance. But do you really need a boat insurance policy also? 4,158 accidents involved registered boats in 2015 alone. If any of these boats were protected by a boat insurance policy, they would’ve saved themselves hundreds or thousands of dollars from damages. Your boat requires the same treatment as any other working vehicle. The same way you’d tend to your car is how you should approach your boat.


Security and Safety

Boat insurance policies cover expenses from damages, theft, or fire should something happen. While most boats are covered, personal watercraft, such as jet skis and WaveRunners, are not. Much like auto insurance, you can customize your boat insurance policy to meet your needs from property damage to your boat to bodily injury of passengers. Boat insurance can even cover your boat while in tow or onshore. Storms will occur and it’s imperative to be prepared for the worst in such an event.

When Should I Get Boat Insurance?

Whether you’re a boating owner or renter, chances are that you will be spending a lot of time out to sea. If you live in a state that requires you to have boat insurance, you will need to contact your local insurance agency today. Most marinas actually require your boat to be insured and can offer tips and advice on how to find cheap insurance in Martin County Florida. If you’ve taken a bank loan for your boat, you’ll be urged to find insurance, as well. It’s a great investment to have even when renting. Some boat rentals come with insurance and some require you to obtain a policy before operating.

Sometimes, your boat may be covered under your homeowners insurance policy but it won’t cover as much as a separate policy. Ask your expert insurance advisor to see how much coverage you currently have so you can add more coverage where necessary.

Peace of Mind

Lastly, boat insurance provides lasting peace of mind for when you’re out with friends, on a long excursion, or even in the midst of a strong storm. Depending on where you live, your policy should provide protection against the harsh weather that normally occurs in your geographical region.

Triple L Insurance offers many coverage options for your needs. If you don’t have boat insurance, it’s wise to look for cheap insurance in Martin County today. Our licensed professionals will customize a policy that fits your budget and needs. And when it comes time for adjustments, we’ll help make the appropriate changes where needed. Contact our office for an estimate today!