Anyone who’s new to homeownership might not yet know the ins and outs of the insurance they were required to buy to protect their investment. As time goes by, you might begin to understand what you have, and what you need. Living in Florida means certain risks that you might not experience in other parts of the country, especially the risk of flood. If you were required to buy a flood insurance in Port St. Lucie, it’s wise to know the ins and outs of the coverage you have. 

Why you were required to buy flood insurance

There are locations all over the country that have been deemed high-risk flood areas where homeowners are required to buy flood insurance Port St. Lucie to protect their investment. This type of insurance is separate from your traditional homeowners coverage. Homeowners coverage cover things like burst pipes and other types of water damage caused by malfunctions within your home. Flood insurance covers rising rivers, tropical weather, and tidal surge in many instances. 

Why you should consider flood insurance Port St. Lucie

Even if your home isn’t in a high-risk flood area, it might still make sense to purchase flood coverage for your home. In fact, and as you would expect, premiums are much lower to cover homes not considered high-risk. And experts have suggested that more than 20 percent of flood claims each year come outside of recognized flood zones. 

You should take steps to flood-proof your home

Having flood insurance offers peace of mind, but there’s also a lot you can do to help protect your home from a flood event. You can elevate your home and make sure the structure’s gutter system and downspouts are functioning as they should. There are several other flood mitigation efforts that can protect your structure and maybe earn you a break on your flood insurance premium too. 

Coverage of the structure and/or contents

Not all flood insurance policies are created equal. Some just cover the structure in the event of a flood. Other policies just cover the contents in the event of a flood. Some policies cover both. Dealing with a knowledgeable flood insurance Port St. Lucie professional will ensure that you understand what you’re buying and what you’re getting.