Homeowners insurance is a term many people have heard of but may not realize what exactly it is and why you need it, especially as a homeowner. Buying a home is a major financial investment and you want to make sure you protect that investment – homeowners insurance does just that. Depending on your policy, homeowners insurance covers you and your home from unpredictable events or damages.


What is homeowners insurance?


Homeowners insurance is exactly what it sounds like, it’s insurance for your home. You put a lot of work into buying and making your home your own, so why wouldn’t you want to ensure it’s protected? When purchasing a homeowners policy it is important to make sure your policy covers more than just the physical structure of your home. A standard homeowners policy should protect:


  • The physical structure of your home along with other structures on your property, such as a shed, fence, detached garage, and the like.
  • Your personal property in the event of a break-in resulting in stolen or damaged belongings
  • Your guests and their medical bills in the off-chance one of your guests, or neighbors, is injured on your property or if something on your property damaged anything on your neighbor’s property
  • You and your family in case one of you is legally responsible for causing damage to another person’s property
  • Additional living expenses that can be brought on if your home is inhabitable due to a natural disaster, such as a hurricane, force you to pay for other accommodations


Knowing what your homeowner’s insurance should cover is only half the battle. Now you’re wondering, do I really need homeowners insurance?


The short answer is yes! While homeowners insurance in Port St. Lucie is not mandated by the state, it is usually required for financing your home. Many mortgage lenders require proof of home insurance in order to assist you in financing your home. These lenders want to ensure their investment in you and your home is properly protected against covered damages and losses. These lenders may also purchase a homeowner insurance policy on behalf of the homeowner, however, this policy may be more expensive than if you were to purchase one yourself.


I’ve paid off my mortgage or I’ve never had homeowners insurance before, so why would I buy it now?


Even if you have already paid your mortgage off or you have never had homeowners insurance does not mean you can skimp now. Homeowners insurance in Port St. Lucie has many other benefits for homeowners that you may not have been aware of.


For one, homeowners insurance protects your home against sudden and unforeseen natural disasters or accidents. Homeowners insurance, especially for areas in the middle of the Florida hurricane belt such as Port St. Lucie, can shield residents from paying for hurricane damages out-of-pocket. While you may have never encountered this problem before, insurance is there for the issues you are not expecting. You don’t want to be buying a homeowners insurance policy after you’ve already experienced costly damage to your home.

Purchasing a homeowners policy gives you peace of mind that your family, belongings, and home are protected and safeguarded against the unknown. If you are looking to protect your home against hurricanes, property theft, and damages along with liability coverage give Triple L Insurance a call.