Congratulations on your marriage. Now that you’ve sealed the deal, it’s time to start building a life together and uniting families while building new ones. Aside from the future planning and legally signed marriage documents, should you be aware of anything else? Insurance is a topic that many newlyweds don’t face. Not because they don’t want to, but because they simply don’t know what questions to ask and how to include the correct insurance information. While marriage and money go hand in hand, not all couples realize they’re missing some insurance questions. These questions will help you sort insurance information so you and your partner live comfortably.


Starting a family is big deal. And both you and your partner need to be on the same page. It’s important to ask if they are interested in having a child, how soon, and do you intend to fund their education and will it include a 529 plan? What are your thoughts on education and do you intend on staying home with the children?


If your partner has accrued debt through school loans or elsewhere, this can haunt your future as well. Ask your partner how their credit score is, how much debt they have, and talk about how much debt is acceptable to you and your future. If the debt is an issue, ask how they plan to pay it off. Now that both parties are involved, one can be willing to work with the other and help eliminate the debt problem.

Savings, Billings, and Income

Going forward, how is your spouse going to pay for the bills and bring income to the table? Who will have responsibility for what? Are you able to open a joint checking/savings account? Do you plan on saving for investments in the future?

What about your plans for renting or buying? If you’re renting, do you plan to buy? How soon and where is your ideal location? Renters insurance is an excellent choice to have even when you’re considering buying your first home.


This factor is pretty big as well because we want to be sure that our spouse can support our family now and in the future. Ask them what age they plan on retiring. How long are they planning on being in this position and what are their plans for change? Do you expect your partner to work full-time or part-time? Do you expect both of you to work? Talk about your goals for employment in the future. It’s best to detail out as much as possible so you both can be ready for when the day comes.

Life Insurance

Talk about life insurance with your partner. How will you both obtain it and what does it cover? Be sure to go over all questions with a reputable local agent in your area.

More important, changes in income, employment, residential, and other factors play a big role in your insurance policy. It’s best to let a professional team that offers cheap insurance in Martin County assist with you and your partner’s big financial decisions. Call the expert team at Triple L Insurance.