Condo Insurance

So you own a condo …

What happens when your neighbor who lives upstairs (who just happens to be away on vacation) has a water heater that starts leaking into your unit?

Who is responsible?

Condo insurance is extraordinarily important to have and we can’t stress it enough.

Surely your condo association has a policy that covers the “exterior” of your building, but who is going to cover the saturated mess inside your unit?

Let Triple L Insurance find the right coverage that meets your needs.

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Many people in Florida own Condominiums as there residential property or rental property. There are specific needs and important of condo owners to cover their personal possessions and units under condo insurance policy.  

Your Condominium is more than a place call home. Condominium insurance is unique; it is an investment filled with possession you want to protect, and also repair to the interior of your unit.

Get dependable coverage for your belongings and yourself through Triple L Insurance. We are the one stop solution for all your insurance related issues.  We provide our Condo Insurance quote in Port St. Lucie and Martin County.

What does your Condo Insurance Covers?

  • Personal Belongings – If any stuff is damaged or stolen than replacement or repair can be done through condo insurance policy.

  • Interior Structure – The interior structure of your house like flooring, inner walls and fixtures are not under a homeowner policy.

  • Liability – If your guest is harmed due to any unforeseen incident or any of their stuff is stolen, through condo insurance coverage can be done.

  • Identity Theft – if your identity is lost, condo insurance help to recover the cost of your ID.

  • Exterior Structure – The exterior structure includes the wall, ceilings, roof etc.

  • Land – Any injury caused to guest inside the condo building, the condo insurance covers the bill of injuries.

  • Common area – The areas under the condo building e.g. – pool, hallways, lobbies, playing courts, which come under damage and liability.

  • Shared Amenities – The amenities which are shared by the people living in the condo i.e. – gym, pool, elevators is generally secured by condo insurance as they have high risk of damage.

Triple L Insurance company comes with an access to local agents in Port St. Lucie and Martin County. Our expert’s agents analyze and provide you information according to your budget. The ultimate goals of Triple L Insurance are providing superior customer service and A rated insurance product to our customers.

You can also visit our website, fill the form and get instant condo insurance quote for Port St.Lucie and Martin County. The condo insurance quote you obtain can also modify considerably based on the level of coverage you prefer. Our experienced agent will guide throughout the process from dealing with paper works to claiming quotes.

Are you shopping for coverage, or do you have any question about your policy? Triple L Insurance agents are ready to deliver you service and support. Give us a call and we are there to help you.